Solar Power VS Propane or Gasoline Generator

Solar Panel Options
Review value priced solar panel options.

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Simple DIY Home Battery Backup
DIY home battery backup using Victron Multiplus-II and SOK 48V Server Rack batteries.

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MaXpeedingrods Generators
These little generators are a great value option. I can't speak to the long term durability, but the start easily and run great. You can choose from gas only or dual fuel. I prefer dual fuel for emergency flexibility.

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Dual Fuel Generator
Use The code "Everyday" to get $50 off this generator I used in my testing. I don't have long term durability results, but it starts easily, runs smoothly, provides power as advertised and is relatively quite.

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Refillable 1lb Propane Bottle
Technically you are not supposed to refill disposable 1lb propane bottles, however, these ones are designed to be refilled. Refilling is much cheaper than buying the disposable version.

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1lb Propane Tank Adapter with On/Off Valve and Gauge
20lb to 1lb Propane Tank adapter for 1lb/16.4oz Propane Cylinder, allows you to use small 1lb cylinders on larger appliances. Keep in mind if you use fuel rapidly the temperature of the cylinder will drop dramatically and stop delivering fuel until it warms back up.

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Propane Refill Adapter Hose
Extension Propane Refill Hose with Gauge and ON/Off Control Valve for 1LB Propane Gas Tank
This hose works great for refilling 1lb canisters.

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